About MoreLite USA


Who We are

MoreLite is an energy efficient lighting company that has been integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales and services since 2000. The company has been committed to focusing on LED lighting technology development to provide more energy-efficient LED products to the residential, commercial & industry buildings and OEM markets since 2012 .

The company has experienced in the CFL production for more than 12 years and started to transformed from CFL to LED manufacture in 2012. We spend 19 years to improve our energy efficiency products to provide the innovative solutions and better service for residential, commercial and industry use.

More Light More Savings, Make the Earth Greener and the Sky Bluer.


MoreLite has a commitment to delivered the best services and value to our value customers in providing diversity of LED lighting products from residential, commercial to industrial. Our products is well known in high quality, reliability, great performance and more light more savings with le$$ energy. These have made MoreLite to continue to be at the forefront of energy efficient technologies and provide better services for the markets.
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MoreLite has a commitment to develop the energy efficiency products for more than 19 years in providing the better solutions for residential, commercial industrial use. Most of our LED products are UL or ETL listed and certified by ENERGY STAR®, DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program.   These have made MoreLite as a premium supplier in the LED lighting market.